ASUS Strix Fusion Wireless



  • Type: Wireless
  • Interface: USB, 2.4GHz
  • Frequency Response(s): 20~20000Hz (Headphones), 50~10000Hz (Microphone)
  • Microphone Sensitivity: -39 dB ± 3 dB
  • Microphone Pick-up Pattern: Uni-directional
  • System Requirements: PC, PlayStation® 4


Game with more freedom and control

Low-latency Wireless Performance - ROG Strix Fusion Wireless features 2.4GHz wireless technology for a lower-latency connection than Bluetooth headsets, delivering instant audio transmission. Its dual-antenna design also comes with an automatic mechanism to avoid interference and ensure a stable connection, even in complex environments with multiple Wi-Fi networks.

Keep on Gaming Nonstop - For hardcore gamers, ROG Strix Fusion Wireless is capable of 15+ hours of nonstop, intensive gaming. An improved coverage of up to 20 meters lets you walk freely or leave your seat during halftime without the worry of losing audio signal.

True-to-Life Gaming Audio - ROG Strix Fusion Wireless has inherited the iconic audio feature of the Fusion series: an exclusive airtight chamber design that provides a richer and purer sound, letting you immerse yourself in a true-to-life gaming experience.

Incredibly Deep Bass, Clearer Details - Moreover, ROG Strix Fusion Wireless also offers incredibly strong bass through its extra-large 50mm custom-tuned ASUS Essence drivers, which features a metal cover instead of a plastic one to make sure the sound is pure and non-distorted.

Intuitive Touch Control - Easily adjust the volume and other commonly used settings on the intuitive touch plate (Previous/Next - Swipe left/right to select track; Pause/Play - Single tap; Volume Control - Swipe up/down to change volume).

Flip Up to Mute - ROG Strix Fusion Wireless comes with a boom microphone that is retractable and fully adjustable, providing clear in-game voice communication. Folding up the microphone will also mute it automatically, without the need to change the settings manually.

Expertly Engineered Comfort - Unlike ear cushions made of fabric or traditional leather, Strix Fusion 500 uses exclusive ROG Hybrid ear cushions that combine protein leather and fabric mesh to ensure ultimate comfort without compromising audio quality. The ergonomic oval shape of ROG Hybrid ear cushions deliver better sound insulation and improved comfort ? so they're perfect for marathon gaming sessions.

Free Extra Ear Cushions! - 100% protein leather ear cushions are also included in the package for free!