• Resolution: 1920X1080 @ 100hz
  • Response: 5ms
  • Ports: N/A


FHD Display - Bring your favorite shows and movies to life. Experience sharper details and more accurate colors with FHD resolution.

AMD® FreeSync™ - Every AMD FreeSync™ monitor goes through a rigorous certification process to ensure a tear-free, low latency experience.

1ms Turbo Visual Response (TVR)* - Even when the action gets frenetic, the 1ms Turbo Visual Response ensures clear, blur-free images.

Flicker-Free Series - 100Hz displays effectively reduce eye fatigue and flickering by providing a smooth visual experience.

Seamless transitions between contrasting colors - Increase frames from 60 to 100 per second, creating more natural transitions between colors, effectively lowering flicker as well as eyestrain.

Smooth Imagery - Speed up the frames per second from 60 frames/second to 100 frames/second, lowering input lag, delivering ultra-smooth 2D motion scenes, and providing a strain-free viewing experience.

AOPEN VisionCare - Monitors featuring AOPEN VisionCare™ offer a suite of eye-protecting technologies ranging from blue light protection, flicker reduction, minimal reflections, and more.