ASUS Cerberus Fortus Mouse



  • Connection Type: Wired
  • System Requirements: Windows® 10 Windows® 8.1 Windows® 7
  • Interface: Mouse
  • Sensor technology


Cerberus Fortus is an ambidextrous gaming mouse that gives you the performance you need to dominate the battlefield - anytime, anywhere. With a durable, magnesium alloy base, multicolor RGB LED lighting, a DPI switch for instant sensitivity adjustments, and a comfortable, gamer-friendly design, Cerberus Fortus delivers incredible reliability, style, and precision, making it your ultimate gaming weapon. 

Magnesium alloy base - Unbeatable precision and control 

A higher DPI delivers a faster response, but it can also result in drifting and loss of control. The conventional way to solve this problem is to add a weight box to the mouse; however, this solution can make the mouse feel unbalanced because the weight isn't evenly distributed. Cerberus Fortus avoids this issue with a magnesium alloy base that evenly distributes weight to provide smooth gliding and unbeatable accuracy. The metal base improves durability as well, so you can game knowing that your mouse is built to last.

Premium Omron switches - Up to 50 million clicks. High -quality Omron mouse switches provide the fastest response times and extended durability of up to 20 million clicks.

 DPI switch - Instant in-game sensitivity adjustments. For preset settings ranging from 500-4000 DPI* are available at the push of a button, giving you pixel-precise targeting (500 DPI) or lighting-fast maneuvers (up to 4000 DPI) to match any game scenario from long-range sniping to close-quarters combat. 

Extra-durable textured plastic side grips keep Cerberus Fortus firmly in your hand and enhance its durability. Made from anti-stick plastic instead of rubberized material, the side grips stay clean and prevent the mouse from becoming slippery after long periods of use. 

Specialized soft-braided cable - Extra-low resistance. The cable attachment point is angled slightly upward to reduce cable friction with the table, delivering extra-low resistance and drag-free gaming experiences. The cable is wrapped in a soft-braided sheath with a specialized weave that further reduces cable friction and snagging, enhances durability, and minimizes tangles.