ASUS ROG SL400 Destrier Ergo Gaming Chair



  • Style/Type: Ergo Gaming Chair
  • Chair Dimensions: W720mm x D840mm x H1290-1375mm
  • Seat Dimensions: W570mm x D500mm
  • Gross Weight: 30.95 KG
  • Net Weight: 24.65 KG
  • Maximum Load: 150 KG (330 lbs) 


The ROG Destrier Ergo Gaming Chair is an all-new, all-enveloping cradle that’s styled after the futuristic aesthetic of a cyborg, and engineered with exceptional levels of adjustability to ensure maximum comfort during play. It features head lumbar support and luxuriously padded armrests that have a special elevation mode just for mobile gaming. There’s even a detachable acoustic panel that shields you from distractions for enthralling gaming immersion. Pull up the Destrier Ergo Gaming Chair and prepare for battle – because we’ve got your back!