ASUS VA24EHE 23.8" FHD Monitor



  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 @ 75Hz IPS
  • Response: 5ms
  • Port: HDMI, D-sub, DVI-D


Expanded vision with 178° IPS wide-viewing-angle panel, giving consistent, accurate color at any viewing angle to minimize the color shift an promise for a better viewing experience.

Makes it perfect for almost-seamless multi-display setups that give you an even greater degree of immersion.

Adaptive-Sync/FreeSync™ technology to eliminate screen tearing and choppy frame rates to give you seamless visuals and smooth gameplay. This gives you the upper hand in first person shooters, racing, real-time strategy and sports titles. (Adaptive-Sync/FreeSync™ works at fresh rates ranging from 48Hz to 75Hz)