• Standards: IEEE 802.3 10BASE-T Ethernet (twistedpair copper) , IEEE 802.3u 100BASE-TX Fast Ethernet (twisted-pair copper) , IEEE 802.3ab 1000BASE-T Gigabit Ethernet (twisted-pair copper) ANSI/IEEE 802.3 NWay auto-negotiation , IEEE 802.3x Flow Control, IEEE 802.1p QoS (4 queues, strict mode) , IEEE802.3az EEE
  • Data Transfer Rates: Ethernet = 10 Mbps (half duplex) / 20 Mbps (full duplex), Fast Ethernet = 100 Mbps (half duplex) / 200 Mbps (full duplex), Gigabit Ethernet
  • Switching Fabric: 32 Gbps switching fabric
  • Number of Ports: 16 Gigabit ports


The DGS-1016D 16-Port Gigabit Unmanaged Desktop Switch offers an economical way for SOHO and small to medium business (SMB) to benefit from the increased bandwidth of Gigabit Ethernet. The DGS-1016D provides 16 Gigabit ports for fast server deployment to meet increasing network leads.

Think Green - D Link's DGS-1016D is part of a new series of SOHO/SMB devices that make use of D-Link's Green Ethernet technology, featuring IEE802.3azEEE and EEE+ modes to provide more energy savings and a longer product life without sacrificing operational performance or functionality. IEEE802.3azEEE is a power-saving feature that reduces energy use when the switch is at low utilization. EEE+ is a power-saving feature that is similar to IEEE802.3azEEE. However, unlike EEE, EEE+ can function regardless of whatever the switch's link partner is EEE- compliant or not. Recyclable packaging and minimized use of harmful substances (RoHS compliant) make this switch truly environmentally friendly.

Conserves Energy - by building on the foundation of D-Link's Green technology, the DGS-1016D helps you conserve energy automatically through several methods. It automatically powers down ports that have no link, allowing the switch to save substantial amount of power by cutting power usage for unused port or ports connected to computers that have been shut down. It can also detect connected cable lengths, and adjust power usage accordingly, helping you save energy without affecting networking performance. This helps you reduce your power usage and energy bill. 

Environmentally Friendly - The DGS-1016D was designed with the environment in mind, and was built to follow RoHS standard to minimize the use of hazardous materials. It uses recyclable packaging that helps reduce waste, and complies with the WEEE directive.

IEEE 802.1 1P QoS-QoS prioritizes network traffic so that time-sensitive data is delivered efficiently, even during bursts of high data traffic. This helps ensure an optional experience for streaming media, VoLP calls, and online gaming.

Cable Diagnostics Function- The D-Link Cable Diagnostics Function enables users to efficiently through the LEDs on the front-panel. Users can determine whether the pin connections of their cables' connectors are correct, facilitating network troubleshooting.