MSI Optix G241 eSports Gaming Monitor



  • Resolution: 1920x1080 @ 144Hz IPS
  • Response: 1ms
  • Ports: 2 HDMI + DP



THIS IS COLOR - An IPS panel that eliminates image distortion, provides minimal color shifts when viewed from different angles, and instantly optimizes screen color and brightness to ensure the best viewing experience.

144HZ REFRESH RATE + 1MS RESPONSE TIME - Benefits the most in fast-paced game genres such as FPS, RTS, and MOBAs.

WIDE COLOR GAMUT - More gamut coverage compared to general monitors. Gameplay colors and details will look more realistic and refined, pushing immersion to its limits.

TEAR FREE - Get fluid, artifact-free performance at virtually any framerate with AMD FreeSync™ technology.

NIGHT VISION ENGAGED - Let the world's first smart black tuner brighten your day by bringing out the fine details in dark areas.

TAILORED FOR THE PERFECT HIT - Through adjustments of tilting (-5°~20°), you can easily change the position of the monitor for maximum ergonomics and optimum viewing experiences.

ANTI-FLICKER TECHNOLOGY - A very comfortable viewing experience by reducing the amount of flicker.

178 DEGREES OF WIDE VIEWING ANGLE - By having a large viewing angle, MSI gaming monitors has more leeway for placing your monitor in your setup without giving up the optimal viewing experience. Colors and details will stay sharp at more angles compared to other monitors with less viewing angles.

BLUE LIGHT REDUCTION - Optimized to produce less amount of blue light displayed by the monitor, so that you can game for longer periods of time without eye-fatigue.