Redragon ARCHELON M P001 Gaming Mouse Mat



  • mouse pad size: 12.99 x 10.24 x 0.2 inches ( large size )


Surface is made of silk-processed cloth to ensure that mouse moves very smoothly.

Bottom is made of natural processed foam rubber, which gives flexibility to adapt to desktops of different surface materials, anti-slip, high-quality long-life design.

Super-fine and high-density materials, waterproof and easy to clean.

Advanced multi-layer integrated process, high flexibility, anti-curling and sliding.

All gaming mousepads aren't created equally. Redragon gaming mousepads are built and tested by gamers for gamers. Only the highest quality components are used for a razor-sharp performance and precision. Everything from the top, bottom, and sides were engineered for maximum gaming accuracy and longevity. At just 5mm thick they are designed to be hard on top and soft on the bottom for high flexibility and anti-curling.

The high quality top surface is made from silk processed cloth, ensuring the mouse moves smoothly with optimal glide. An advanced multi-layer process is used to provide thousands of light reflecting microscopic points for ultra-precise tracking. This super fine and high density material is waterproof and easy to clean.

The edges are expertly reinforced by a dense stitching process that not only looks great but also prevents damage and deformation.