Redragon P003 SUZAKU Gaming Mousepad



  • Material: Silk (lycra fabric), Textile-weaved surface, Waterproof with Non-slip Rubber base
  • Interface: N/A
  • Dimension: 31.50x11.81x0.12 in
  • Color: Black/Red lining


Redragon P003 Suzaku mouse pad is a high endurance, pro-grade silk processed cloth mouse pad for high-DPI gaming mice. Reinforced stitched edges guard against surface peeling, and the optimized textile-weaved surface design gives superior control and precision tracking for absolutely lethal in-game accuracy.

Extended Large Size - Large enough to fit your mouse, keyboard and other desk items. Never have to worry about running of the edge again.

Super Smooth Surface - The cloth surface of lycra fabric delivers excellent glide characteristics that allow you to execute fast swipes and pull off high precision shots with confidence and consistency. It lets your mouse slide smoothly and precisely along the pad.

Water Resistant Surface, Non Slip Bottom - It's safe for those who may spill coffee, water, juice or other drinks with a waterproof coating. Anti slip rubber bottom resists sliding even during the most intense gaming.

Anti fray Stitched frame, Machine Washable - The edges are expertly reinforced by a tight stitching process that not only looks great but also prevents damage and deformation, greatly increases lifespan and aesthetics of mousepad. And it's machine washable to have no worries even with the toughest dirt or stain.