• Material: Hard, Low-friction Polycarbonate, Scratch-resistant with Glow-in-the-dark logo and Non-slip Silicon base
  • Interface: N/A
  • Dimension: 350x250x0.6 mm
  • Color: Dark



SMOOTH GLIDE, SPOT-ON ACCURACY - ROG Strix Slice is crafted from low-friction polycarbonate to provide a fatigue-reducing hard surface that's also completely smooth, enabling effortless, fast sweeps during even the fiercest fights. The pad also offers wipe-clean ease, for fast everyday maintenance. Suitable for both laser and optical sensors, it allows your mouse to track every movement – instantly translating your reactions to the action.

SHINE ON, BE SEEN - With luminous ROG logo channeling cyberpunk style, ROG Strix Slice literally glows in the dark – setting the scene and illuminating your mastery of the gaming arena. (Strix Slice's luminescence can be recharged by exposure to light)

ULTRATHIN, AND FITS RIGHT IN - There's a mere 0.6mm thickness to ROG Strix Slice, all but eliminating the gap between your pad and table. This provides a seamless transition from mouse to wrist to worktop, keeping your concentration in the game.

BATTLE-HARDENED FOR EVERY BATTLEFIELD - Manufactured from durable polycarbonate, ROG Strix Slice is inherently protected against spills and splashes, while dirt just wipes right off. The pad's hard surface is resistant to scratches, so you'll enjoy superb performance through countless campaigns.

FIRM GRIP, NO GRIT - With a nonslip base ROG Strix Slice stays put, regardless of how frantic the action becomes. The silicone material takes just a quick wipe to remove any grit and grime, keeping your mouse pad clean from top to bottom.